Circo Udigrudi


In 1982 three Brasília-based groups came together to create a performance titled Circo Udi Grudi.

The title of the play ended up becoming the name of the group. In 1983, Udi Grudi put together the play “Gambira Goiaba”, and in 1986 bought a Big Top seeking the realization of the old dream of becoming a true circus.

Under the Big Top, which traveled for three years in the cities of DF and in the interior of Goiás, countless cultural projects were developed, such as “Projeto Satellite”, “Projeto Arte Sob a Lona” and “Projeto Entrequadras”.

During this period Udi Grudi started researching traditional circus, in search of a more popular language for its show. In doing so, a repertoire of comedies and dramas was established, in addition to skills like juggling, unicycling, acrobatics, air tour, Indian rope and flying trapeze that were presented daily at the Circus.

In 1989, Udi Grudi invited director Hugo Rodas to direct the play “A Menina Dos Olhos”; which earned the FIAT/89 competition award. The play was shown during seven seasons from 1989 to 1991, having been watched by more than ten thousand people. In 1991, it received three APAC-DF Awards: Best Children’s Show, Best Setting and Best Soundtrack.

In 1992, two members of Udi Grudi received scholarships to England, offered by the British Council and the VITAE Foundation. After the end of the courses, they performed on the streets of several European countries: England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and Norway.

In 1996 Udi Grudi received the Aluízio Batata Award for the production of Luciano Astiko’s “O Colar de Contos”, and Luciano Porto’s “Hex Gram, Histories of the World” (considered by the Correio Braziliense as the third best show in Brasília 1997 – TWO 12/28/97).

O CANO, the company’s biggest success so far, premiered in December 98. It receives the 1999 Best Children’s Show award from Jornal de Brasília, and participated in the 1st Circonference, in São Paulo.

In 2000 Udigrudi’s O CANO received The Herald Angel Award at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, the largest theater festival in the world. They also performed as guests of Anjos do Picadeiro III. To close the year with a flourish, Udi Grudi received the Order of Cultural Merit of the Federal District in Brazil.

The Company conceives and presents, at the request of EMBRATUR / Ministry of Tourism, the show “Embarque Nessa” as part of the Municipalization of Tourism Program. It traveled twenty municipalities in five Brazilian states in April, May and June of 2001.

Still in 2001, Udi Grudi toured with “O Cano” in Europe, traveling in a van through six countries, for three months. They took part in the following festivals: Tollwood Festival – Munich, Tollhaus Zeltival – Kaurlsruhe, La Piazza – Augsburg, Edinburg Fringe Festival, Luzern Festival (of Music), Festival of World Cultures – Dublin, Festival of Flanders – Gent, and the Festuge – promoted by Odin Theater by Eugênio Barba in Holstebro.

After returning to Brazil, the company performed in the 1st World Circus Festival of Brazil in Belo Horizonte, which took place in Rio de Janeiro at the Encena Brasil Project. The Festival toured six Brazilian states, within the Sesc Nacional’s Rotating Stage project. In all, the group traveled 80,000 kilometers in 2001.

In 2002, “O Cano” toured Catalonia as part of the Family Concerts program, organized by Fundacío La Caixa and had the honor of opening the Caixaforum theater, an important and modern cultural center in Barcelona. They participated in Teatralia, the biggest children’s theater festival in Europe and perhaps the world, in Madrid. In July Udi Grudi returned to Barcelona to participate in STAGE 2002, where they presented the show “O Cano” and gave workshops on the construction of musical instruments and clowns for teachers of primary and secondary education throughout Spain. In August the company performed in Hong Kong’s Family Arts Carnival. The “Lixaranga” street theater play opened with sponsorship from EnCena Brasil. In November Udi Grudi participated in the Mostra Cariri de Teatro, with the plays LIXARANGA and GORGÔNIO & RAPADURA, in Ceará.

In 2003, Udi Grudi received sponsorship from Brasil Telecom for the assembly the play “OVO”, which premiered in September at Sala Martins Penna of the National Theater in Brasilia. In October the circus company presented Peter and the Wolf in partnership with the Cláudio Santoro National Theater Orchestra conducted by Abel Rocha. Soon after Udi Grudi were invited to perform “O Cano” at the MERCOSUR Theater Festival in Córdoba, Argentina. They also performed in the Cariri Theater Show with “OVO”.

Later they performed at the Music and Dance Festival of Granada – with two shows – “O Cano” and “Lixaranga” – and gave a workshop in the construction of musical instruments, in May 2004. In June, Udi Grudi presented “OVO” at the Festival Planeta Circo – CCBB – Brasília. The company was then invited by Eugenio Barba to participate in the 40th anniversary of the group Odin Teatret, in Denmark. Udi Grudi remained for the span of September and early October in Holstebro, where they presented “O Cano” to the entire school population of the city and had the great honor of ending the celebrations of Odin’s anniversary; which was attended by some of the biggest names in world theater.

In 2005, Udi Grudi toured the cities of Anápolis, Pirenópolis, Goiás Velho and Cuiabá sponsored by the Caravana Funarte project with the shows “OVO” and “Gorgônio & Rapadura”. In May, they presented “OVO” and “O Cano” at Teatro da Caixa in Curitiba. In June, the group opened the Blumenau University Theater Festival with “O Cano”, where they also performed “OVO” and held a musical instrument building workshop. Udi Grudi carried out the Filhos do Lixo project in partnership with the Ministry of Science and Technology, offering a workshop in the construction of musical instruments from scrap to communities of garbage collectors and art educators in the states of DF, GO and MT.

In 2006 Udi Grudi presented three shows at the Festival of South America in Corumbá – MS and in Puerto Soares in Bolivia. The company participated in the 1st National Theater Festival of Cuiabá. Udi Grudi performed “OVO” and “Lixaranga” in Sylt, northern Germany for the Culture Cup project. On the road, Udi Grudi presents these shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, at the L ‘Arlechino Errante Festival – invitated by Scuolla Experimentale Dell’Atore, in Pordenone Italy and at the Ringkobing Festival in Denmark. In this last one, the show Fatah Morgana, assembled in partnership with the group Teatret OM, under the direction of Leo Sykes, debuts.

Udi Grudi produces the short film A Casa do Mestre André in partnership with Asa Cinema e Vídeo, within the 2006 Short Child notice of MinC. The company also produces the CD Udigrudi gathering the soundtracks of the theatre productions. In April 2007, the group released the short film on DVD at Teatro Dulcina with presentation of the shows O Cano, Ovo and the scenic-musical show Udigrudi in ConSerto. In May, he participates with OVO in the II Latin American Group Theater Exhibition at the invitation of the Cooperativa Paulista de Teatro. Then he presents OVO, O CANO and LIXARANGA at Seattle International Children’s Festival in the USA. In June at the CBTIJ Theater Exhibition in Rio. In November, he participates in the 1st National Exhibition of the Bahia Cooperative Theater.

In 2008 Udi Grudi participates in IPAY – International Performing Arts for Youth in Tampa – Florida. He presents Ovo and O Cano at the Mayo Teatral Festival in three provinces of Cuba, where OvO receives the Villanueva de la Crítica Award granted by the Section of Criticism and Theatrical Research of the Association of Cuban Escénicos Artists. The company also performs at FILO – International Festival of Londrina, at Brasília Cena Contemporânea, at FESTCAL – Festival de Campo Limpo – SP and at X Mostra Cariri de Teatro. Presents the work in progress of Industrial Devolution, the group’s new show. Tour through the states of Puebla and Oaxaca in Mexico.

In 2009, the Udigrudi 25 Anos project, sponsored by Petrobras, begins. Performs in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, from January to April. In May he performs a tour in Canada and performs in the cities of Vancouver, Calgary, St. Albert, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. Back in Brazil, the national tour continues and presents his repertoire at Teatro Vila Velha in Salvador, and at Teatro do SESC in Porto Alegre. Participates with LIXARANGA in the Scenic Language Exhibition for Children organized by SESC POMPEÍA in São Paulo. In December, the company presents its repertoire at Teatro Plínio Marcos at the Complexo Cultural da Funarte in Brasília.

In March 2010, Udi Grudi presents O CANO at Itaú Cultural in São Paulo on Theater Day for Children and Youth. With the same show, the company is nominated to receive the Zilka Salaberry Award granted by CEPETIN – Children’s Theater Research and Study Center, in 05 categories Best Performance, Direction, Text, Scenography, Music and receives the Special Jury Award for the research of languages of children’s Theater.

Also, in March, the world premiere of the new show of the company takes place: INDUSTRIAL DEVOLUTION. Then the show was presented at SESC FestClown, and played at the Teatro Municipal de Anápolis, Teatro Goiânia Ouro, in April. In May, the company visited four cities in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul and participated in the Festival Palco Giratório in Porto Alegre.

In June the group participated in FILO – Festival Internacional de Londrina with the show O CANO. Udi Grudi also performed in São Paulo with the show DEVOLUÇÃO INDUSTRIAL, at Sala Crisantempo.

In September the circus company participates in many festivals: I Festival of Humor and Performance of Salvador and EncontrArte, in the Baixada Fluminense. Starts season at the Teatro do Jockey with the INDUSTRIAL DEVOLUTION that extends until October.

In October Udi Grudi participates in the October Festival of the Theater in João Pessoa. In November, he presents OVO and Devolution in Goiânia, as part of the opening program of the Teatro do SESI, within the Udigrudi 25 Anos project.

The finalization of Udigrudi 25 Anos takes place in Salvador, at Teatro Vila Velha, with the presentation of the show O Cano, entitled to a party in celebration of the show’s 12th anniversary, celebrated on 12/12/2010.

In March 2011 Luciano Porto and Márcio Vieira do Udigrudi are nominated for the Special Jury Prize Zilka Salaberry, for their research and creation of the scenography and musical elements of the show INDUSTRIAL DEVOLUTION.

That year the group participated in the Américo Rosário de Souza Theater Exhibition in Sertãozinho / SP, in May; the Tocantins International Literary Fair, in Palmas in July; and the Mostra Zezito, in Brasília, with the show O CANO. In June OVO is presented at SESC Bauru. The Devolution is presented at the festivals Porto Alegre em Cena, in September, and FIAC Bahia, in November.

In August, Udigrudi held the second edition of the Meeting of Theater Directors, a partner event of Brasília Cena Contemporânea, which brought to Brasília the directors Aderbal Freire, Sérgio de Carvalho and Alessandra Vanuci. In the months of September and October, the company tours in the Amazon region with the project O Cano no Norte, sponsored by BR Distribuidora, and presents O Cano in the cities of Manaus and Macapá.

At the invitation of Instituto Itaú Cultural, UdiGrudi participates in the educational audiovisual product Music for Children, which aims to assist teachers in teaching music to children and will be distributed free of charge to public schools in Brazilian networks. Udigrudi collaborated in the elaboration of the script, and with the characters Mestre André, Gorgônio and Rapadura.

In December 2011, Marcelo Beré starts his doctorate on Clown at the University of London and is replaced by the actor and clown José Regino in the shows O Cano e Ovo.

In January 2012 Udi Grudi participates in the I Festiarte in Brasília, with the debut of Zé Regino in Cano. In May, O Cano is the show invited to open X Festclown. Still in May, the company presents Ovo at the XXVI Américo Rosário de Souza Theater Exhibition in Sertãozinho / SP.

In June Udi Grudi presents O Cano at the opening of FITAFloripa – Florianópolis International Theater of Animation Festival the following month at the Alvorada Cultural event in Uberlândia / MG, promoted by the Emcantar group. Ovo is presented at Mostra o Lixo in Assis / SP, in June; in the Social and Corporate Responsibility Forum, promoted by Banco de Brasília, in August; and at the 5th Mostra Zezito de Circo, in September.

In June 2013 Udi Grudi participates in the Festival of the Brazilian Theater – Stage DF in Campo Grande / MS with the shows O Cano e Ovo, and holds workshops. In October, Udigrudi and Orchestra in ConSerto debuted with the participation of Ana Flávia Garcia and Nonato Veras, directed by Leo Sykes, and 15 more musicians under the baton of conductor Michelle Fiúza, who had a season at the CCBB.

In May 2014, Udi Grudi presented at the opening of the exhibition The Experience of Art, held at CCBB – Brasília, curated by Evandro Sales and participation of artists with Vicky Muniz, Cildo Meireles, among others.

In February 2015, the production of the musical playground Parque DiVerSom Project begins.