Poetics of the clown

Here is my work demonstration performed at The Royal School of Speech and Drama, Collisions, October 2012. This work demonstration was adapted and updated and it is available for touring. Book through email.


Grock, the king of clowns and the misfit logic

Grock’s Logic – the embodied know-how    One of the greatest and most iconic figures in modern clown history is Grock, the stage name for Charles Adrien Wettach, born in 1880 in Switzerland and one of the most acclaimed clowns of all time. Despite the limited amount of moving images of Grock’s practice (the most significant […]

Clown Keynote – Poetics of the Clown – Misfit Clown and the Toilet

Clown Keynote I strongly recommend watching these videos before reading the post Clown Keynote Part One Clown Keynote Part Two Clown Keynote Q&A This post comments on the work presented in the Collisions Festival 2014. It is part of the documentation of the Poetics of the Clown – Principles of Practice and Misfitness – PaR/Ph.D […]

Clown: A misfit by profession – Misfitness and clown’s principles of practice

Clown: A misfit by profession – Misfitness and clown’s principles of practice This peer reviewed article was published in the Comedy Studies Journal 2013 Marcelo Beré, RCSSD Abstract This article delineates a trajectory of research about the clown. It begins with the idea of the Essential Clown and the analysis of the Inner Clown as […]

Contextualizing my Clown – PaR Practice Journal

Contextualizing my Clown Marcelo Beré 31/1/14 The practical research that I am currently engaged in as part of my PaR did not come out of the blue, nor will it cease at the date of submission.  Rather, it is my life’s vocation and is part of an on-going process that is currently in its 30th […]

After Collisions – Reflexions on Practice

This paper was presented at the CPR Intersection Conferences in 06/01/2014. It is the complementary writing of my PaR First of all, I would like to say that Collisions has been a shifting point in the process of my research. It is the moment where the PaR researchers show the importance of the P (for […]


On the trajectory of my research towards a Poetics of the Clown I have experienced many challenges. As a clown, what I am looking for is something related to practice. As a researcher, I am searching for a better “translation” of the clown’s practice. Practice as a field to be analysed in order to extract […]


One of clown’s principles of practice that it is been examined in the Poetics of the Clown is the Misfit Body or the unique physicality that clowns might have while performing. This clip shows an exercise held by Beré at the London Comedy Forum in August 2013. Here the seven rings of the clown are […]

London Comedy Forum – Banana Exercise – Misfit Object

Banana exercise is a way of approaching the concept of misfit object, one of the clown’s principles of practice identified on the course of Beré’s search for the Poetics of the Clown. Rules and the breaking of rules are part of this training. How can you relate to a banana in a misfit way?

TOP OF THE FLOP – Dr Brown and the crack

In this clip I am showing what I am calling the top of the flops.  It shows how an experienced clown can be in trouble when experimenting with  techniques and methods of clowning. This was the last time I was on stage in this workshop. In the previous times I was just trying to let […]

Case Studies on Misfitness

Case Studies and Misfitness This section of my research will be based on the analysis and critique of case studies that will elucidate some of my research inquiries, in particular one of the principles of practice for clowns that is linked to the concept of misfitness: The Misfit Body. The Comic Body of the Clown […]