Lines and Dots and Pixels

Drawing is part of my life. Since I was a very young child, drawing was a way of communicating my emotions. I remember when we visited my most pious aunt in the interior of Brazil and she would only speak about the temptations of the flesh, angels and demons, and the punishment children should receive for not worshiping her God. I asked for paper and pencil and draw a big bowl of rice full of red spots and gave it to her. She looked at the picture, trying to understand it, and said: “what a beautiful drawing…but what is it?”

I explained, “it is a bowl of rice.”

“And what are those red spots in the rice?” she asked.

“They are little devils…” I replied. “It is my favourite dish! It is full of temptations!”

My love for painting and visual arts took me to the academic world and I graduated in Fine Arts in 1984. For ten years (‘76 to ‘86) fine arts was my main artistic activity. From small notebooks to huge murals, from little sculptures to installations, I was always focused on producing some kind of “work of art”. Some works were sold to friends and family but I never got to show my work in an art gallery. At a certain point in my life, I realised that I am a team player. The desire of working with other people took me straight to Circo Teatro Udigrudi, the clown company I have been working with for forty years.

I have never stopped drawing, be it in travel notebooks, sketches on napkins, or even drawings in the sand. I also designed much of the Udigrudi’s publicity material.  Lately I discovered a whole new way of playing with lines and dots, on my iPhone and iPad. The gallery of my digital drawings has hundreds of pictures collected over more than a decade.

In March 2020, I decided to return to my roots. I bought myself some acrylic paint, paintbrushes, a easel and some canvas. I have to say, it saved my life. Painting helped me to cope with the pandemic period and brought some light to these obscure times.

Most of these paintings are for sale in the gallery attached. Send a message to if you are interested in buying.


Any digital drawing – copyright

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