Building instruments from recycled materials workshop

Please find below a list of material (updated) that we will use in my workshop. Notice that most of the material is recycled, that means that you will have to buy (almost) nothing. Make sure that all the recycled material is clean (you will play some of them with your mouth!). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

•Plastic bottles (many sizes and shapes). We need at least one that was used for fizzy drinks (like a 1.5l or 2l Coke bottle)
•Two special plastic bottles: one has to fit inside the other (the ideal is the kind of bottle that are very slick, plain and un-corrugated. And its better if they fit perfectly inside one another – after we cut the top off one of them)
•Tyre valve (it can be either bike or car tyre valves; we need as many as possible. Ideally, two or three)
•One tyre pump (it can be a bike pump or any pump that fits the valves)
•Bottle tops (metal bottle tops from beer, wine or other bottles)
•Straws (Ideally plastic milkshake straws but the eco-friendly will do. At least two)
•Corrugated tubes (a small piece of tube, ½ meter max., that are used for passing electric cables inside. They are sold in hardware shops in three different measures: the 25mm one is the best for us)
•Glass bottles (many sizes and shapes. They must be very clean and unbroken on the top)
•One wooden broomstick (two pieces of 30 cm each)
•Anything that you find that could be a “source of sound” (pieces of metal, rocks, saucepans, etc)
•A pair of drumsticks (or anything similar to that)
•Plastic bag (one strong bag and a small thin bag)
•Plastic tubes (like the ones you can find in liquid soap pumps)
•Tools for cutting plastic, rubber and string: scissors, sharp working knife, Swiss penknife
•Two spoons (soup or serving strong metal spoons)
•One candle and a lighter
•Wire (fine and flexible), strong strings, rubber bands
•One tuner (it can be an app called Cleartune or any other chromatic tuner)
•Space for working (kitchen table, dinning table, computer table – with no computer, floor). It must be ready for a mess!


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