Eccentric music, PostDoc Notes

Data Bank: Misftiness and Music (musical eccentrics or not)

This is the first draft of the data bank on eccentric music. There will be three main pockets in this achive: 1) Musical Eccentrics. Grock is at the core of the concept of musical eccentric. This 45 minutes video shows a whole performance of this great clown. Grock played more then 47 musical instruments and used his virtuose to make people laugh. Les Rudi Llata Circus is another example of musical clowns. Circo Teatro Udigrudi (my company) is the third example of musical eccentrics 2) Eccentric Instruments, a weird way build sound sources: The Vegetable Orchestra, Renato Matos and Billie Eilish show us some examples 3) Eccentric Music, or music done in a non-conventional way: maybe John Cage and his 4′:33″ of silence would be the best sample of this eccentric music. The platform is open to colaboration.


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